The brains behind the mission…

31 Aug

Hello Everyone! This is my first topical blog. I must say that I am very excited to start! I have decided to blog about beauty. In my eyes, beauty isn’t something that is just seen with the eyes. Through years of living ( 24 years to be exact..and I have a lot to go!) I have learned that beauty is just as important on the inside, as the outside. I have always been interested in trying out the latest and greatest, cheapest and fastest ways of perfecting beauty. I have been asked repeatedly by friends and family for my opinion on makeup, vitamins, tips and treasures of the beauty world. I am as firm of a believer in natural beauty as well as over-the-top beauty! Hey, sometimes you just want to feel special and done up for a night on the town!

Let me get a few things straight though. This is not going to be a superficial blog where only makeup and products can make you beautiful. This is as much about the health within that can make you shine on the outside. I will try and do my absolute best to create a happy medium between the two.

Here’s to happy blogging and beauty being in the eyes of the beholder..but most of all yourself.. šŸ™‚

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One Response to “The brains behind the mission…”

  1. Starla September 6, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    Great idea! It will be interesting to read other feedbacks on this site. I agree that beauty first starts with health, that is why I sell health products; what you put inside your body really reflects on your hair, nails, skin, etc. Fast foods, foods laden with poisons (artificial flavorings, preservatives), prescription drugs, etc wreck havoc on the outer appearance as you get older. It is very hard for consumers to even know what to eat, and is it really food even though it looks like it? Too many packaged and process foods line the shelves of grocery stores, and the vegetable isle is in the corner of a store, if you can find it! Thank goodness for Farmer Markets!

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