Just 10 Challenge!

14 Sep

Did you know that losing just ten pounds can expand your life another decade? In the grand scheme of life that doesn’t sound like very much to sacrifice.

Yesterday I was watching the Dr. Oz show and he proposed a new challenge called the “Just 10 Challenge”. He talked about the benefits of losing just ten pounds and what a huge impact it can have in your life. Given, that your somewhat overweight. I do not recommend this for anyone who is well within their healthy BMI (Body mass index).

Calculate your BMI here: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

“The benefits of losing just 10 pounds are enormous for your heart, liver, knees, pancreas and blood pressure. The incidence of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis can be cut in half,” Dr. Oz says.

This challenge is to help people kick off the diet journey with a realistic and manageable goal of just ten pounds. The way this challenge is designed is to keep you motivated and to help you lose the weight.

Dr Oz has come up with a top 5 list to help you on your weight lose journey.

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1.Cut out soda: Soda is loaded with sugar, empty calories, high fructose corn syrup (one of America’s largest problems against obesity) and caffeine. All of these things result in being hungry and bad health. Soda can also lead to diabetes and tooth decay! Yuck!

2.Stop eating 3 hours before bed: We’ve all heard this..and I am guilty of doing this. However, it turns out people begin to stop caring what they eat later in the night. For best results you should always eat your food at a table with no distractions. Watching television while eating distracts you from realizing how much food you are taking in. According to Dr. Oz, people who eat at night are about 19 more pounds heavier a year on average than those who do not. Wow! So remind yourself to stop eating three hours before bed!

3. Get moving! Start small with exercising for 10 minutes a day. This may seem small and insignificant but it can make a huge improvement on your health. After you start moving for 10 min a day for a week, try bumping it up to 15 or 20 min. It will get easier as time goes on. A great way to keep visual track of  your progress  is to buy a pedometer. This tool helps you keep track of how many steps you are taking a day. Your goal should ultimately be 10,000 steps a day. It can encourage you to take a few steps extra to park farther at the super market, or walk the dog. When you get to 10,000 steps a day, you will know the difference! Ask your doctor about the 10,000 step program, some health care providers give out pedometers for free! Yipee!

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My personal favorite pedometer is this one:

I love this one because it stores your progress for the whole week. This is great because I always try and beat my steps from the day before. They offer this pedometer at some Kaiser Permanente pharmacies or online.

4. Portion control: You should always be aware of how much food you are taking in. Although it may be exhausting at times you should always measure out your food. A good way to make this easier is measuring out bags of snacks and pre-portioning them into little baggies for on the go!

5.Weigh yourself every day!!: This is important because it is a visual reminder to keep yourself in check. Although seeing that number can be scary,  it helps keep you keep yourself accountable for that bag of potato chips you ate the night before. Don’t get discouraged if your weight is higher by a few pounds than the day before. You should generally give yourself a few pounds leverage when weighing until a few weeks of weight loss has gone by. Remember to weigh yourself at the same time everyday. In the morning is usually a good time because your stomach is empty and you can get an accurate reading.

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Make sure to take your vitamins! For weight loss Dr. Oz suggests that you take Vitamin B-complex everyday because it helps fasten your metabolism, along with a regular multi-vitamin. The multi-vitamin will help your body make up for the nutrients you are not getting in a less than perfect diet. Calcium and Magnesium will help you keep your bone strength which is essential for exercising.

And finally my favorite part! Dr Oz has teamed up with Zappos.com to bring a “Just 10” bracelet! And…(drum roll please)…It’s free!! This bracelet will serve you as a daily visual reminder of how important it is to complete this challenge. I encourage everyone to try out this challenge. I will be starting today!

You can sign up for the challenge and keep track of your progress at http://www.DrOz.com

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2 Responses to “Just 10 Challenge!”

  1. Parasto September 18, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    I stopped drinking soda and before I knew it, I stopped craving it! I never knew that day would come:) I’m SO guilty of eating before bed and I eat the worst foods at night compared to what I ate during the day. I have zero physical activity which needs to change asap! Super B complex tastes gross but you can feel the difference in your mind and body within a week! (or maybe I’m psyching myself out, either way it’s helping). Great read!

  2. monica September 26, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I want to give these a try. He makes it sound easy to lose 10 pounds. It really does benefit your health, especially as you get older.

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