Chinese Medicine: Map your face

26 Oct
Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians
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Chinese medicine goes back to ancient times where they had to rely on their minds instead of science and technology. Many believe that the Chinese homeopathic medicine is a traditional way of finding out what is wrong with your body.

The Chinese believe that the face tells many tales..even what may be wrong with your body. They have made a map of the human face and different sections of the face that represent parts of your body.The sections that have skin spots, acne or pain suggest that part of your body may be in turmoil.I have found it very interesting that it relates to my body..and its been dead on. You be the judge with your body!

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Here is a list of mapping and skin conditions:

Small Intestine
Pustules, redness, irritation, bloating, acne, heavy creases

Furrow, flaking, irritation, puffiness, itchy, spots and lines, headaches, jaw tension, gall bladder problems
Toxemia, Alcohol, Anger,

Bags, dark circles, swollen, puffiness, saggy appearance
Bladder, eating too many rich foods, adrenal glands, overworked, stressed, not sleeping, drinking too much caffeine

Blemishes, flaking, irritation, milia, acne
Slow or Improper Digestion, stomach acidity, candita,

Sagging, congestion, blotches
Lack of Oxygen

Large Intestine
Flaking, irritation, furrows, pustules
Sluggish Bowel, Slow Transit Time

Chin and Throat
Pustules, congestion, acne, flaking
Toxemia, Slow Digestion, Hormones

Here is a wonderfully education website about face mapping..

Resources for face mapping:

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