Revlon Face Makeup Review

4 Nov


Recently I ran out of my MAC face makeup and REALLY didn’t want to go out and spend another 30 dollars on a compact. As always. Sometimes, I just want to experiment with new makeup at the corner CVS drugstore and see if it’ll workout to my expectations. Of course, sometimes what you pay for is exactly what you get..however this time I was pleasantly surprised!

Being that my paycheck doesn’t come in til next Wednesday and I was running low on cash..I’m on a student budget & teacher’s salary..I opted for what their current deal was on. Right now they are having a buy one, get one 50% off deal. Score!

I eyed the aisles of endless face makeup and decided on a wet foundation for coverage. This particular product was Revlon’s “Custom Creations foundation with Dial”. I loved it! What was so great about it? You can dial your skin tone with clicking in the top to different variations. This is great for me because regularly I am pretty light..however when I use fake tanner (ahem..I mean it’s el’ natural) skin becomes considerably darker. This prevents me from having to buy two different colors..or looking dark with a light colored concealer..and turning into a pasty ghost. Added..HUGE bonus: It contains SPF 15. Which is something you should apply everyday whether it be in your concealer or moisturizer for preventing age  spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Via Revlon.comNext, I needed a powder to seal in my foundation. I instantly saw Revlon’s Photo Ready makeup line. Okay, okay..I know the ploys of marketing and advertising..and they were speaking right to me! Calling my name. I SHOULD know better being an advertising major, but I had to try it! If you know me, I am BIG on pictures. And anything to look good and be ready for a photoshoot? Um..why not?! I saw on the label that this powder was also SPF 14. Nice! I tried it and instantly liked it. It matched well and didn’ t look cakey together, but rather pretty natural with a nice blended coverage. Only downside is I noticed that this powder may go flakes off its powder cake in its case fairly easily. As to be expected in less expensive powders. You will notice with more expensive powder like MAC, you would have to physically use you nail to scratch the surface for it to flake off.

Buyer’s beware..its not dirt cheap..both products are within the 15 dollar range. However, drug stores often have better sales than beauty stores, and you can find these brands going on sale every few weeks to a month.

All in all I would give these two products a 3 out of 5. This scale is including higher end makeup up. If this scale was strictly out of drugstore makeup, I’d bump it to a 4 out of 5.

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