Healthy Video games?

11 Dec

Nintendo.comIs that an oxy-moron? Nowadays, not quite! With new video game systems with body motion sensing, we are seeing a huge increase in interactive gaming. This has lead to a huge increase in exercise as well! Hurrah! The Nintendo Wii has created a few lines of video games that have me sweating AND having fun!

Here are a few of my personal favorites that I have tried out on the Wii:

Wii Fit: This game changes the way you think about moving, balancing and fun! You do all your workouts on a balance boards that senses your motion and weight change. It really helps correcting your balance. It has yoga, pilates, balance, and workouts to help you stay fit. The board is even a scale that measures your progress every time you get on. If you do not go on regularly the game tries to summon you to play by sending you reminders daily. This helps you stay on track 🙂

Just Dance 2-This Wii game helps you lose the pounds by dancing to choreographed dances to the songs you love! It has many popular songs such as Rhianna, “SOS”, “It’s raining men”, “Toxic”, “When I grow up” by the Pussy Cat Dolls, and you have access to DL Katy Perry’s new single “Firework” along with other great hits. When you grow tired of these songs or master them, you can DL more songs for a fee. There are three different settings that get you dancing. I guarantee these songs are not easy and you will be sweating by song 2 or 3.

Zumba– This Wii game is based on the famous workout “Zumba”. By dancing to fast paced “latin-type” music you will slowly see a more toned body. The plus about this game is it has a belt that you Velcro around your waist so you can enjoy a hands-free workout.

Who said exercising couldn’t be fun?

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One Response to “Healthy Video games?”

  1. Fitegic Planners December 11, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    While I haven’t tried this myself, I am all for the concept of a video game getting us up OFF the couch and MOVING.

    I am especially hopeful that this will catch on with children considering the epidemic of childhood obesity.

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