Weight Watchers:Points Plus!

30 Jan
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With a new year, comes new responsibilities to improve your lifestyle. This year as any other year I have vowed to floss more, stay organized and most importantly–lose weight and exercise! In order to aid myself in this I have devised a plan for myself that by committing myself to a program and telling my family, peers, and co-workers that I will stay on course. So I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers.

As some of you may already know they have started a new program called Points Plus! I have attended Weight Watchers many moons ago on the old system and find this system to be better in my opinion. Pro’s are that all fruits and most all vegetables (excluding corn, potatoes and other starches) are absolutely no points! You can eat them all day long and it shouldn’t count against you. In theory, they say this is possible BUT at the meeting they encourage you not to consume more that 5 serving of fruit in a day. To avoid too much sugar intake and so it will not throw off your digestive system.

They have also thrown out the paper points tracker and introduced a new electronic points calculator with a great price of $5.95, not too bad! If you do have a smart phone, even better! You can sign up for ETools (in some packages it is included) and you can track your point intake, activities, and even input your entire recipe book and track your points per serving! Ingenious idea.

Cheers to a new year, healthy choices and new me (and hopefully you)!

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